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Phill Simpson Artist for commission - Watercolour, Oils, Drawing

About me

I am Phill Simpson, an English artist now living in the USA. Please feel free to browse my site and visit my 'about' page to find out more about me and the inspiration for my work.

about me
PR Simpson Artist, Art Services

Art Services

My art services include paintings in all media; watercolour, oils, acrylics, Drawings and sketches using pencil, charcoal & pastels. I welcome commissions including reproduction from photographs.



  • Phill, when I look at your work it feels like I can walk into your paintings or I am there as part of them..... my colleagues think your work is brilliant and we will have a few of your paintings in our Board Room.

  • Your work is amazing, well, better than amazing, not a word to describe it. You're such an inspiration.

  • Not overall keen on ship paintings but this one is an exception....love the colours .. well done!

  • A stunning and powerful capture of Robert Calvert and his essence. A strong balance of atmospheric colour and monotone, well worthy of the man.

  • I like the maritime art especially...Great stuff!

  • I love these paintings especially the abstract.....really has a relaxing effect on the eyes.

  • Les Simpson

  • Joseph Trainor

  • Barrie Nunn

  • Mick Ouen

  • Loyd Kennedy

  • Jane Tomsett