This Past Year - In Summary

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For the past year my website has been a showcase of my abilities and the versatility of the areas in which I can work with oils. This coming year I hope will see a return to my work in graphite portraits, in areas I worked with in the distant past - from my school days, painting geometric art with water colours.

In revisiting my school days I hope to work with some rather interesting media, such as poster paints on cartridge paper, a particularly favoured media of mine as a youth, especially when combined with silk screen printing. I have several ongoing projects in oil on canvass and hope to continue my major project of painting portraits of band members from Hawkwind and Led Zeppelin. Of course my focus on maritime/aviation art will not diminish, I have a few dramatic paintings on the back burner so to speak and no doubt they will come to the fore as time progresses.......

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see|me, Story of the Creative

Artist Recognition

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Last year I signed up to an internet art site called 'Artists Wanted' in order to show my work to anyone who visited that site and some time later they changed their name to 'see | me'. I wasn't happy with having to build my profile and portfolio all over again but I stuck with what seemed like a rather disjointed site but realising that they were building their site from scratch I understood that a very young organisation with a small team would have some difficulties in getting organised to start with.

Around October or November I received a rather surprising email from 'see | me' telling me that their Curator had looked at my work and had invited me to display the pieces they had considered worthy of an interactive, virtual exhibition in New York called 'The Story of the Creative'. With this news I became a pro member of the site and was excited at the prospect of having a few of my paintings shown in one of the major art centres in the world, something I never expected or even considered.

One thing led to another and I was invited to choose another piece of my work for it to be projected onto one of the tall buildings in Times Square, New York on New Years Eve as part of an exhibition called 'Creative's Rising' (Art Takes Times Square) and you can imagine my excitement at that news and submitted my entry for their curator to consider.

Time moved on and I was invited to exhibit at the SCOPE Gallery, Long Island and to enter into another exhibition called Art Miami and through 'see | me' a piece that I am very proud of was shown at the Scope Gallery; again projected onto a tall building in Times Square. That piece was the portrait of Robert Calvert as can be seen on this site.

My work has also been considered by the curator of SCOPE Gallery to be entered into a book chronicling the year 2013 and titled '2013 The Year in Review'. So new additions to my portfolio will now include proof of my achievements, thus far in the shape of a print from the 'Story of the Creative' event and a letter from 'see | me' confirming my participation in the event and I am very proud that this can now be listed as my first achievement in becoming a recognised artist.

'see | me' Letter of Recognition
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Welcome to my website

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I am delighted to announce the launch of my website. It has been something I had planned for some time and to see this now come to fruition, is a proud achievement. I'd like to therefore dedicate this website to the many proud industrial pioneers of Middlesbrough, in particular my Grand Father who with a few chosen words of advice to my Father, set a life long course for of artistic journey.

" The act of painting is about one heart telling another heart where he found salvation "

Francisco Goya

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